We’re doing a paaaaaperbaaaaack!

If you read the post explaining the whole conception/journey of The Middle of Nowhere, then you already know that it started out as me simply wanting to do a hardcover version of Holiday Chick.

So originally, we weren’t going to do a paperback, because there already was a paperback.

But then The Middle of Nowhere turned into a better book than Holiday Chick. So much so that it felt new. Comparing it to Holiday Chick is kinda like comparing a VHS to a DVD…you can hold onto the VHS if you want. The same story you loved hasn’t changed. It’s just that there’s now a newer, shinier, more modern version in a better format – revised, reformatted, with special features + easter eggs that you just can’t get with that VHS tape.

So anyway, The Middle of Nowhere happened, and it still made sense to do a hardcover…at least at the beginning.

But then we discovered how expensive it is to make a hardcover book. I love hardcovers – I much prefer them over paperbacks, and I consider my collection of hardcovers one of my prized possessions (as you have probably found out if you’ve ever tried to borrow one from me)…and for 346 pages, we made our hardcover price as accessible as we possibly could. So I still think it’s worth it.

Yet, much like the development of this book, it became a thing of…if we’re gonna do this? Let’s go all the way and really do this.

So, we’re doing a paperback!

Since we started working on it a little later than the hardcover, the paperback will be released at a later date than the hardcover (we’re shooting for September 15th). But the price is easier – $19.99 preorder, $21.99 retail – and you’ll still get an exclusive PDF copy of the ebook that you can read straightaway. 

And, if you place your preorder in the next 72 hours, you can get it at an even better preorder price ($17.99!)!


(scroll down to the end of the book description, click the drop-down menu, and select the “SPECIAL 72-HOUR PAPERBACK PREORDER option)

Cause it’s the weekend, I just wrapped up a MEGA project, and I feel like celebrating. *pops open beer top*

So go git’cha sum.

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