Very Damn Essential: Practical Oil Magic for a Sunsational Summer


SO MUCH squealing about this June-only kit release from my essential oil peeps that I had to share it here.

You hipsters out there already know that essential oils are a key ingredient when it comes to mixology and craft cocktails. Like, it’s a major thing. However, not a ton of pals know that cooking with essential oils? Elevates your game by 500%*.

Those that do REALLY love cooking with essential oils. When ingredients like fresh spearmint, grapefruit, or ginger aren’t in season, essential oils are not only a fantastic stand-in to keep it fresh, they’re also so much slicker to use (I mean…if you like spending 20 minutes grating some ginger vs. a couple seconds shaking a couple drops of Ginger essential oil, that’s your bag, baby. Me? I got reality TV to watch, so my time is precious).

Another thing that makes this kit great is that we all want practical uses for our oils. I’ve found that friends who haven’t yet bought into the essential oil game yet are simply waiting to be convinced that they’ll actually use the oils. Telling peeps that oils make you feel better is just a little abstract for some people (okay, everyone), which I totally get. I love using my oils for meditation and yoga, but if I can also use them to help me replace chemical-filled drugstore goods or less-than-fresh spices with a more organic, cost-effective version? Hells to the yaaaaaas.

So to celebrate this kit – which only comes around once a year, if we’re lucky – I’ve trolled the internets to come up with some great, practical tips on how these oils can improve your life (special thanks to Tara Wagner for the inspiration!):

Culinary Uses

Be The Host(ess) With The Most(est) by adding a few drops of spearmint to homemade mojitos or tangerine to Cosmo’s for your next backyard party

Add a drop of dill to your deviled egg recipes (those things are hard enough to make…you are totally entitled to a shortcut on this)

Up your Grill Mastery Game and add 1-2 drops of dill or cumin to your homemade marinade recipes

Trust and believe, you will be FAMOUS for adding a few drops of Tangerine to a batch of mimosas at your next brunch or baby shower

Mix in a couple drops of spearmint to vanilla ice cream…or if you’re crafty (hi Mom!), add a handful of drops to your next batch of homemade ice cream

Use cumin to hot water, tea, or smoothies to aid in your next cleanse

Pack an extra citrus punch to your fruit salad by sprinkling in a few drops of Tangerine

Add spearmint to a lamb roast (omg…and then invite me over for dinner as a Thank You for this tip)

Level up your homemade hamburger or Sloppy Joe recipe by dropping in a bit of cumin

Sprinkle in a dash of spearmint or tangerine to ice tea for a dash of summa

Beauty/Health Uses

Mix in a drop of spearmint to your coconut oil to freshen your breath while you oil pull

Add a few drops of tangerine to your shampoo or conditioner for shiny, smell-good hair

Add Cumin to a cup of hot water and tea or rub onto your abdomen on the regular to help maintain regular menstruation cycles

Add a drop of spearmint to your facial cleanser or shampoo to make your skin tingle and feel minty-fresh

Add a drop of spearmint to a 1/2 glass of water and use as an organic mouthwash

Rub spearmint over your chest (haaaay) for respiratory support

Massage dill over your breasts to support lactation (swear to god, my oil mamas swear by this)

Add a drop of spearmint or tangerine to baking soda and brush gently for teeth whitening.

Add a drop or two of spearmint or tangerine to your homemade deodorant


Rub a drop of spearmint into your shoulders or neck to help relieve tension

Add a drop of cumin to a glass of water when you’re feeling rumbly in your tumbly

Massage spearmint into muscles or onto tired feet after a long workout (or get your partner to do this for you)

Diffuse spearmint and tangerine throughout the room for a scent of summer + boost your mood (cannot WAIT to do this)

* Not proven by science, but pretty sure 


If you’re psyched to start adding more sunsation (geddit) to your life via these uses, check this out for more details, then head on over to my shop. If you’d like to save some substantial coin on oils by becoming a wholesale member (ya really should – 25% off ev’rythang, babes), hit me up via the contact form below to get hooked up:

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