This Blogger Was Forced To Re-Think Her Idea Due To Posting on the Internet Too Much. You Will Totally Believe What Happens Next.

Yesterday I wrote this on my Facebook wall:

These last couple months I’ve been working super hard on getting this Amber Colored Life book done. As I suspected (because it also happened with the last three books), this “so easy, I’ll have it done in a flash!” project turned into a monster, mostly because I’ve become kind of a huge perfectionist and I don’t want anyone spending money on something I’m not absolutely 100% proud of. Sometimes it feels like…the more books I produce, the harder each one is, just because I now know intimately all the hours of work that lies ahead of me before I can even *think* about calling it finished.

But. That’s the beauty of doing it on your own, I guess.

These last few weeks, it’s been a tunnel-vision project…just slogging away on getting this massive amount of stuff compiled and properly sectioned + formatted before I could even *think* about the fun part of making it into something I’d be proud of. Sometimes I’ve been less than productive, doing that thing I do where I procrastinate on something because it’s just feeling too BIG (Keri Taylor, you know what I’m talking about)…watching old episodes of 90210, reminding people on Twitter that I’ve got jokes, reading Buzzfeed dissertations on the new Twilight, replaying old clips of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, etc.

But these past three days, I legit went for it…pulled three all-nighters in a row, working non-stop, pushing to get a particular part of the book production done so I could wrap this thing up by my personal deadline. The first two mornings I hit the sheets around 5 in the morning, annoyed that I had worked so hard and so long and still had so much more to do. Finally, this morning I fell into bed around 6 a.m. feeing exhausted but happy that I could wake up in a handful of hours and finally get to the “good” part of this book.

I woke up around noon, made some fresh coffee, and decided that, instead of shoving off the book for a couple hours of 90210 (it’s become a thing since last week – I’ll tell you all about it on the blog next month), I was just going to get right to it. I grabbed my laptop, got comfortable, and dived into the process of putting the book together.

Worth it. Sitting cross-legged on the couch, listening to 90210 in the background and putting the pieces of this book together, it began to dawn on me how much bigger and awesome-r this thing was becoming compared to what I had originally thought + planned. From Karah‘s amazing cover ideas to Jason DeRusha‘s foreword to the fact that SO many of you will get to see your names in print…I’m so super psyched to share all the new stuff with you (maybe today? Definitely tomorrow). But mostly, I just kind of wanted to take a knee and write this out so I could sort of cement this moment + remind my future self of this one thing:

There’s always a certain point, towards the end of the rainbow, when you realize that all your hard work has paid off with a thing that is now greater than anything you could have dreamed up when you first started. And all that exhaustion you feel? At some point it’s gonna magically morph into an elation-type unicorn. So whenever making your own thing gets tough and starts to feel too “big” and you’re sort of despairing over whether you should even keep trying anymore, just keep chop-chop-choppin’ away. Even the most massive tree has to come down if you keep swinging that axe long and hard enough.

(But, like, that’s a metaphor, son – don’t go around chopping down actual trees. Have some respect for nature – we need those trees to help protect our precious ecosystem!)

The “how much bigger and awesome-r this thing has become” part:

(can we just take a quick minute, though, to recognize that I actually followed through for once on a timeline I gave for when I was going to post/share something? I AM GROWING AND MATURING AND BECOMING MORE OF MY BEST SELF EVERY SECOND.)

Three thick volumes of posts, comprised of the most popular, best loved, and funniest posts from the popular blog An Amber Colored Life. Packed with 10 years worth of highly scientific and incredibly important observations on life, dating, work, pop culture, friendship, and cupcakes, all of which will either make you spit out your coffee, laugh out loud (“LOL”, if you will) or shake your head in shock/disbelief…probably all three, depending on how demonstrative you are when you read something.

(Penthouse Confessions time: One time a boyfriend pointed out that, whenever I watched a show, I matched the facial affects – raised eyebrows, exaggerated smiles, angry pursed lips – of the actors’ emotional reactions. “It’s like you’re trying to learn a foreign language from watching TV, only with emotions instead of words,” he told me, right before he died from a tragic accident. I also repeat every joke to myself – I learned it from watching you, Dad! I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU – and mimic any and every accent without actually realizing that I’m doing it. I also do alla this when I’m reading something. So when I write the bolded statement above, I’m actually just talking about me, kay?)


(This is the part where I feel like I should have some type of curtain that I can throw back)

Read on for more details about each book…


Sorry For Being Myself: 10 Years of An Amber Colored Life, Vol. 1

350 pages. Foreword by Jason DeRusha. Topics include:
Sorry For Being Myself
What It’s Like To Date Me
The People Responsible For all this
Ah! Poetry
I Have a Rich Inner Fantasy Life

Go here to read excerpts + see a list of the people who appear in the book

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.52.26 AM

How I Feel About Stuff: 10 Years of An Amber Colored Life, Vol. 2

350 pages. Foreword by Jason DeRusha. Topics include:
How I Feel About Stuff
Honorable Mentions
Pop Culture
And Then There was Formspring
Straight Talk

Go here to read excerpts + see a list of the people who appear in the book

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.49.45 AM

Things That Happened: 10 Years of An Amber Colored Life Vol. 3

350 pages. Foreword by Jason DeRusha. Topics include:
Things That Happened
Red Wing Wednesday

Stuff I Made
Summer of Hummers
Life Lessons

Go here to read excerpts + see a list of the people who appear in the book

OR, save yr’self a few G’s on all three by ordering them as a collection:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.09.07 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.54.56 AM

Always Read The Comments: 10 Years of An Amber Colored Life, Bonus Volume

A delightful 250-page companion book that’s chock-full of the best and most hilarious comment sections that did not otherwise make it into the three other volumes.
(And yep, that infamous 108-comment section is in there)

The last possible second to order one or all of these books is Nov. 1, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST. All books will be signed by the author. A minimum total of 20 orders are needed to go to print. Books expected to ship Nov. 15th.

Don’t miss out: Order books here.

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