‘The Bachelor’, Season 20, Episode 9: Live Tweets Edition!

Welcome to Episode 9 of The Bachelor: Ben Is Sweet: Live Tweets Edition!

This Live Tweets Edition is gonna be a little different this week, because as I mentioned in the full-length recap, I was busy getting drunk with one of my best friends during this week’s broadcast and thus missed the bulk of my usual Live Tweeting experience. I still managed to capture a few fun ones, but if you’re usually in the Live Tweets Edition and aren’t this week or you feel like you really knocked it out of the park with your tweets and I’m not giving you the recognition you deserve, it’s not personal and it’s not that I don’t like you anymore or pay attention to you it’s just that I hardly ever go out anymore and see my friends because I’m working on a new book and trying to reach for my dreams and so sometimes when I actually get the chance to act like a real human being who has friends and enjoys alcohol and is still attractive to the gender to which she is also attracted to I jump at that fucking opportunity because my life is important too and I’m still not getting paid for this shit and SO LAY OFF ME MOM I KNOW I SAID I WOULD DO IT EVERY WEEK AND I’M STILL DOING IT EVEN WHEN IT’S LATE SO SEE I DO KNOW THE VALUE OF COMMITMENT SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME JUST BE MY OWN PERSON FOR ONCE

Anyway, here’s some live tweets!

I Still Don’t Care About Caila

Ben & Lauren Play With Sea Turtles Which Is Totally A Euphemism For Sex

When The Hot Senior Cheerleader Starts Dating The Kinda Nerdy Sophomore: The Ballad of Ben & JoJo

Surprise! You’re Getting Dumped! 

The Rose Ceremony Of UnCeremony

Next week I’ll be back with a legit Live Tweets Edition, because one of my best friends and I have decided to get drunk together while actually *watching* the show, so that will probably work out better? I’ll also have a super-sized Bachelor Monday Link Buffet coming your way next Monday since I skipped this week. You can follow me on Twitter, keep up wit’ my Facebook Page, or subscribe to my once-a-week email newsletter instead of hoofing it over here every other day to see what’s up). Until then, bachelor babes, keep it 100 on the hot tubs, bikinis, and wine-soaked tears!

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