‘The Bachelor’, Season 20, Episode 7: LIVE TWEETS EDITION

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Bachelor: Ben Is Sweet!: LIVE TWEETS EDITION!

You can catch up on the full-length recap of this week’s episode here, which also includes a special Bachelor-themed treat!

Welcome to Warsaw, Indiana, Which Is Different From Warsaw, Poland, In That Half The Town’s Population Didn’t Die In Exterminations & Uprisings During WWII

Hey, For Our Date, Let’s Just Do Some Stuff I Wanna Do & Talk About Me Some More

The Wrigley Field of (JoJo’s) Dreams


The Value Meal of Group Dates!

The Pontoon of Doom

Rose Ceremony

And that’s it! Thanks to all the live tweeters for keeping Monday night a laugh-out-loud fest. Check back on Monday for the Bachelor Monday Link Buffet; you can also follow me on Twitter, keep up wit’ my Facebook Page, or subscribe to my once-a-week email newsletter instead of hoofing it over here every other day to see what’s up), and I’ll be creepin’ on all your live tweets tonight via my Bachelor Master List, which you can also follow. Until then, bachelor babes, keep it 100 on the hot tubs, bikinis, and wine-soaked tears!

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