‘The Bachelor’, Season 20, Episode 2: THE LIVE TWEETS EDITION

What’s up, Bachelor babies! Welcome to the Live Tweets Edition of episode 2 of The Bachelor: Ben Is Sweet!

For this week’s full-length recap – y’know, the one where I use words of my own instead just other people’s tweets to narrate the episode – I went back to my old ways of add some of the funniest tweets of Monday night in the post. BUT.


There were SO MANY great tweets on Monday night (like…I don’t even want to tell you how many hours I spent on Monday night just combing through and compiling all of my favorites) that I felt a Live Tweet Edition was still in order, and I got a LOT of positive feedback about last week’s edition, so I think we’re gonna just make this a regular thing.

On with the (live tweet) show!

[Editor’s Note: Some of the tweets show up some of the time. When they don’t, click on the date of the tweet to see it in all of its shining glory. I’d spend fixing it, but I’ve already spent about 3 hours on this thing and you guys aren’t paying me for this, so. Make it work.]


Ben Is the Most Amazing Bachelor In The History of Bachelors & He Can Cure Cancer With His Tears & He Also Once Saved An Entire Village of Newborn Babies From Dying Just By Smiling At Them

Make Ben’s Volcano Explode!


Helipads Are VERY Romantic

(Editor’s Note: This, below, was my favorite exchange of the night, maybe even week)

The End.

(I don’t know why this one isn’t loading correctly, so copy and paste it in your browser. Trust me: It’s worth it)

(And yes, I did just think about hiding a Rick Roll in there, but I DIDN’T because you can TRUST ME!)

(Also, I literally can’t listen to “Never Gonna Give You Up” without dancing like Rick Astley. It’s actually quite a relaxing way to move…it’s a massage for your body AND your ’80s British Pop Lovin’ Soul).

Ride Along In 2 Love

The Sniff Test

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony


Bachelor Live

See you on Monday, babes!


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