‘The Bachelor’, Season 20, Episode 1: THE LIVE TWEETS

What’s up, Bachelor babies! So I’m going to be trying out a new thing this season…instead of making my recaps a thousand times longer (and way more time consuming to write) by trying to compile all of my favorite live-tweets into the recap post, I decided to do a separate post of them. I don’t know if I’m going to like it, yet…on the downside, they might not be as fun without the context of the actual recap, but on the brightside, it might also be a whole new, totally hilarious, super quick way to both get a narration of the episode AND find some super fun new #TheBachelor live-tweeters to follow.

So basically: Let’s try this. And then please let me know what you think of it in the comments!

(Note: If you haven’t read the recap yet, catch up here!)

A Perfect Ten Ben

Ben Gets Advice From Two Favorite Bachelors & One Who Wasn’t Doing Anything Else That Day

The Time In The Show Where We Take A Look Into The Lives of Ladies Who May Or May Not Be Staying After Tonight

Jo-Jo The Unicorn, Awks Ball Hikes, & a Living First Impression Rose

The Transparency of Lace

Let’s Get This Party Started

Rose Ceremonaaaaay

The Bachelor Live!

I did not get to watch the After Show, because I’m doing the whole video on demand thing via my laptop currently, and apparently ABC doesn’t think it’s important enough to add them to their videos the next day. So. Bummer, son. But! I was super excited to see that Diablo Cody was a guest! Fun fact: Diablo used to live in Minneapolis and was a guest star on an episode of a web video series, Chasing Windmills, that I was a regular player in, and we struck up a fun, casual friendship based on our love of blogging (she’s featured in some of the comment sections in my new books), Degrassi and My Chemical Romance and other super fun stuff before she moved out to LA, invited the New Kids On The Block to her birthday party at the Playboy Mansion, and won an Oscar! So yeah. Pretty rad – and super fitting, from what I knew of her – that she was a guest on the after show.



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