‘The Bachelor’ Season 20, Ep 3: THE LIVE TWEETS EDITION

Welcome, Bachelor Babes, to Episode 3 of The Bachelor: Ben Is Sweet – The Live Tweets Edition!

For those of you just tuning in – and I know who you are – this season I’m breaking things up by doubling your Bachelor pleasure: Early this week I published the full-length Ep. 3 recap sprinkled with some Monday night tweets that support my own views and opinions, and then for this post, I put alllllllllll my favorite live tweets together in one post, which kind of narrates the show all on its own.

Awesome, right? I know. It’s like I do so much for you and you’re like, “But Amber, you bring us so much Bachelor joy…what can we do for YOU??”

Oh don’t worry. I’ll think of something.

Oh, and NOTE: This week I started out trying to organize the tweets according the order of what happened to the show, but if you haven’t watched the episode or read the full-length recap, I’m sorry – this is not the post you should be coming to in order to get the minute-by-minute replay, because I am not spending more than two hours on this goddamn post until someone actually pays me to do it. Contrary to what my mom believes, I have other things going on in my life (like, for instance, season 4 of Vanderpump Rules is also happening right now, and Bravo just premiered an entirely new franchise of Real Housewives, so yeah, I HAVE A LOT OF OTHER THINGS GOING ON IN MY LIFE, MOM.) SO! The first part of it is meticulously organized according the moments on the show as they happened, and the rest is ordered based on the order the tweets showed up on my Twitter feed. So if you run across a tweet that’s like, “Whoa! That happened ten minutes ago!” blame the lazy tweeter who took their time craftin’ that non-timely tweet, sweets!

On with the (live tweet) show!

[Editor’s Note x 2: Some of the tweets show up some of the time. Sometimes it’s because the person already deleted the tweet from their timeline (why? why are you deleting like THE MOST HILARIOUS stuff from your timeline? Are you ASHAMED of this glorious journey that we all take together every Monday night? How dare you). When they don’t, click on the date of the tweet to see it in all of its shining glory. I’d spend fixing it, but I’ve already spent about 3 hours on this thing and you guys aren’t paying me for this, so. Make it work.]

Pre-Game/Episode Preview

[Side note: We didn’t even actually see this scene, did we? I kept waiting for it on the group date, and it never happened, did it??”

Let’s Go On A Date & Talk About Our Dads


Big Balls & Hard Knocks

“My Calves? My Cankles? My TOES??”, OR: Lessons In Imperfection By Olivia

Jokes, Jubilee, & Me (sobbing, quietly in front of my laptop)

Nothin’. I used ’em all in the full-length recap.

Like Bees In A Trap

Not Even Lying, This Is Honestly Turning Out To Be The Most Dramatic Cocktail Party Yet

Rose Ceremony

Next Episode Preview


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