‘The Bachelor’ Season 19, Season Finale + After The Final Rose: A Boring Conclusion For A Boring Season (+ Bachelorette Controversy!)

'The Bachelor' Season 19, Season Finale + After The Final Rose: A Boring Conclusion For A Boring Season (+ Bachelorette Controversy!)

Well, friends, we’re finally at the end of our journey… Hope you were ready for a super boring finale in the middle of some cornfields, Bachelor Nation, cause that’s exactly what we got! And fittingly, my recap for it is also going to be super quick, because basically imagine two hours where three boring people talk endlessly about their feelings, and that’s basically it, which does NOT make for a good, action-packed recap.

The Part Where Chris Talks A Lot About His Feelings

'The Bachelor' Season 19, Season Finale + After The Final Rose: A Boring Conclusion For A Boring Season (+ Bachelorette Controversy!)

So first we find Chris staring moodily across a snow-dusted cornfield, thinking about Whitney and Becca and wondering which one he’ll choose. Except that we all know already who he’s going to choose…we’re just annoyed that *he* doesn’t know and actually thinks that Becca is still a viable choice for him.

Lunch on the Farm With Whitney

Whitney shows up at the family farm with flowers that her dead mom loved, which is sweet, I guess? Then she make the entire family – including Chris’ dad, who is a SILVER FOX, btw – get all weepy up with her lunchtime toast.

Then she sits down with Chris’ three sisters for a lil’ chat about her intentions. Basically they wanna know whether or not she’s okay with giving up her job to move to Arlington, and Whitney tries to stop herself from screaming, “OF COURSE I’M OKAY WITH IT, EVERY GIRL DREAMS OF STAYING HOME WHILE HER MILLIONAIRE HUSBAND PAYS FOR EVERYTHING, BUT YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO ADMIT THAT SO LET’S PRETEND THAT I’M A CAREER GIRL WHO’S WILLING TO WORK IT OUT IN THE MEANTIME.”

This is also the part where the entire nation becomes big fans of Lori, Chris’ sister:

She’s a badass bitch who wore leather leggings to have lunch with her family. I think she also lives in Ireland, and she’s the one who asks the hard – but smart – questions of Whitney concerning whether or not she thinks that Chris is the right fit for her and her life. I love her. I want her to be my new best friend (just kidding, Katy. She can be BOTH our new best friends!)

Then Whitney talks to Chris’ mom, and says some kind of uncomfortable stuff ala “Are you my new mommy?”, but Chris’ mom is suuuuper adorable so it’s okay.

Then Chris kisses her goodbye and we’re all just kind of like, “Dude, you kiss her like you don’t even really like her” which kind of makes us hate him a little bit.

And then Chris sits in a poleshed with all the male members of his family – as you do – and talks about the fact that Whitney’s perfect for him but he doesn’t like as much as Becca because Whitney’s 100% in and Becca isn’t so he wants Becca more. His brother-in-law calls him out on wanting the thing that he can’t have, and Chris completely shuts down and pretends like he’s not like that even though we all know he is and then we (I) hate him even more.

The Part Where Becca Meets The Family Way Earlier Than She Probably Should Have Because Guess What Guys, She Doesn’t Even Know If She Really Wants Chris To Even Be Her Boyfriend

So Becca shows up for another Iowan Lunch On The Farm With The Soules Fam the next day, bringing store-bought cookies. Oh boy.

The sisters sit down with her to probe her with questions like:

“Do you love him?”
Becca: “I don’t know.”
Sisters: “What’s your favorite thing about Chris?”
Becca: “I don’t know.”
Sisters: “Could you see yourself marrying him?”
Becca: “I don’t know.”
Sisters: “Can you see a future with him?”
Becca: “I don’t know.”
Sisters: “Are you a real person with actual feelings?”
Becca: “I don’t know.”

Lori serves up some delicious dish by telling us that they’re concerned because they’ve already seen one California girl who didn’t want to move to Iowa in the end.

Then Chris’ mom sits down with her, and basically tells Becca that missing Chris and not wanting to lose him is “love.” Chris’ mom, you adorable, adorable idiot, you!

For Becca’s part, she wants to just kind of date long distance and see where things go. Which, like, is totally normal and logical if you’re not on The Bachelor. Chris’ dad basically calls out Chris to us by telling us that Whitney is the perfect match for Chris, but that it appears that he wants Becca more. Then we see Chris have an existential crisis because he wants Becca but she doesn’t know how to feel about it, and the whole thing is super annoying because give it up already, Chris. SHE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

The Final Rose Ceremony

Chris dumps Becca.

'The Bachelor' Season 19, Season Finale + After The Final Rose: A Boring Conclusion For A Boring Season (+ Bachelorette Controversy!) | AmberLCarter.com


Then he proposes to Whitney.

The End.

After The Final Rose

'The Bachelor' Season 19, Season Finale + After The Final Rose: A Boring Conclusion For A Boring Season (+ Bachelorette Controversy!)

So leading up to The Final Rose, Harrison tells us that we’re in for an unprecedented twist that will change everything. I *kind* of have an idea of what this is – if you followed my Bachelor Master List, which includes the Twitter accounts of more than a few Bachelor producers, you’d have had an idea, too – but was waiting impatiently throughout the entire episode for it to happen.

Here’s what I was wishing I could fast-forward though:

1) We talk to Becca about her non-existent feelings
2) Chris talks to Becca about her non-existent feelings
3) Chris and Whitney gush a lot about their feelings
4) Jimmy Kimmel gives Chris and Whitney a cow

Then, FINALLY, the surprise comes – Harrison announces that they couldn’t decide who to pick as the Bachelorette – really? – so they decided to pick both Katilyn AND Britt.

'The Bachelor' Season 19, Season Finale + After The Final Rose: A Boring Conclusion For A Boring Season (+ Bachelorette Controversy!) | AmberLCarter.com

So much duck face.

During the first rose ceremony, the guys will get to vote on which girl they can most see as their wife.

First of all:

I’m calling bullshit on being able to decide. Kaitlyn is clearly the fan favorite (even though she’s not my favorite, but okay)…nobody actually likes Britt anymore. The only reason why a producer wanted her on The Bachelorette is because she’s super gorgeous…but this show is watched by women, and women do not want to watch a show about a girl who’s 10X prettier than they are get showered with attention by 25 hot men. We already did that, it was called high school and now we call the shots! We want incredibly nice, sweet, and/or quirky women who could be us – if only we worked out a little bit more at the gym or got some subtle highlights. The only exception to this rule was Emily, and that was because she had the kind of story that broke America’s heart and was so sweet and funny that you couldn’t hate her even if you wanted to.

Also, I going to totally side with Sean Lowe on the fact that picking two women and letting the guys pick who they want to continue on as Bachelorette is degrading and totally ruins the premise of The Bachelorette. The whole point of The Bachelorette is to give a fan favorite whose heart was at the mercy of The Bachelor the chance to be in the control seat for once. Letting the men once again control the outcome ruins this premise. Also, how humiliating is it going to be for the woman that the guys don’t vote for? That’s bullshit. The other part is the fact that contestants are put through an exhaustive selection process and are hand-picked specifically for the Bachelorette…that has, historically, contributed to the success of The Bachelorette in the past…with this new premise, that’s going to be impossible.

However, I also agree with former Bachelorette Ashley Herbert’s hilarious and hot husband, J.D., who agrees with Sean on all of those but also points out that this premise is going to do the thing it’s supposed to do: Provide much-needed ratings (the past two Bachelorettes had the lowest viewers of the franchise, which I found surprising only because of Andi’s season…I’m not surprised that nobody watched Des’ season because she sucks) and $$.

In my estimation, if they really want to go forward with this premise, then add more men and just have the two women be Bachelorettes together, throughout the whole season. There’s going to be a lot more dramz in having it come down to a narrow number of guys and whether Kaitlyn or Britt wants this one or that one or – gasp! – if they want the same guy at the same time. Put them both in the driver’s seat and make it a team thing for them. It’ll make everyone step up their game and will make for a much more interesting season.


What do you guys think? Do you think it should have been Kaitlyn or Britt (or maybe another girl)? Do you like the idea of two Bachelorettes at the same time, or are you on Team Sean? Do you think Chris and Whitney stand a chance, or do you think he’s gonna dump Whitney, sell the farm, and decide to stay in California with Becca? Let’s talk it out! 

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