The 2015 Fuck It List: #3. That Romantic Past Is F*ckin’ PAST.

Back in 2014, I posted my 2014 Fuck It List based on and inspired by this most excellent post:

Welcome to my Fuck It list. Fourteen things I’m going to stop giving a fuck about in 2014. Because, as important as it is to push yourself to be a healthier, more compassionate person, that can be downright impossible. Refusing to give a fuck, however, isn’t just easy — it’s kind of awesome.

{Prehistoric Amber} The Fuck It List: 2014 |

So fuck it. Here are the fourteen things I’m going to stop worrying about come 2014.

– 14 Fucks I Refuse To Give In 2014

This year, I’ve made a list of 15 Things I Refuse To Give a Fuck About In 2015 (capitalized, because it’s IMPORTANT). But instead of trying to write and post a huge massive manifesto all at once, I decided to instead break my list down into bite-sized pieces.

15 Fucks I Refuse To Give In 2015


The 2015 Fuck It List: #3. That Romantic Past Is F*ckin' PAST. |

There’s a basic rule I’ve learned when it comes to meditation, manifesting, and general spiritual stuff…whenever you try to go deeper or stronger in your journey, the universe is going to pull up a bunch of crap that you might not want to deal with. It’s typically stuff you haven’t fully processed yet, and the universe, your higher self, etc., is begging you to let it go already so you can make room for The Better.

I’ve done a lot of work on forgiving and releasing – both myself and old flames – when it comes to moving forward from failed relationships. But it wasn’t until a few months ago, when I ran across an article written about someone I had loved deeply but hadn’t seen for years, that I realized I was still holding a lot of space for old loves who would never be a part of my life again.

And if holding onto them wasn’t working for me back then, it certainly wasn’t working for me now. I learned a lot from those past relationships and I can continue to be grateful for what they brought into my life, but I refuse to let them steal any more energy from these present days.

So I did a nice, big releasing ritual – raw rose quartz in a hot bath under a full moon, bitches – said goodbye to each and every one of ‘em, and now I feel light and clean and my heart feels fresh again.

And I’m not looking back.



Tell me: What do you refuse to give a fuck about in 2015? 

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