{Prehistoric Amber} WHAM! It’s Christmas. (…’Last Christmas’, but also THIS Christmas)

Editor’s Note:

Long-time readers of the ‘ol An Amber-Colored Life blog will remember that I’m kind of a dork for Christmas music. As soon as December 1st rolls around, my Non-Lame Christmas Jams are playing nonstop over on Spotify, and one of my favorite things is sharing super-fun (read: probably cheesy) and most excellent Christmas song covers with my friends and followers. So from now until Christmas, I’ll be sharing a daily Non-Lame Christmas pick over on my Amber L. Carter Facebook Page and on Twitter. This post kicks it off with my all-time, hands-down, favorite Christmas song. 


For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, you may not know that I’m kind of a little bit obsessed with “Last Christmas” by Wham! this year.

Maybe it’s that it brings me back to a more innocent time, when I felt like George Michael was singing directly to my 5 yr old heart, trying to subliminally tell me that he was only just waiting for me to grow up and marry him. This, of course, was because back then I thought he was straight (“You, and nobody else,” quipped my friend Matt one night upon this confession).

Also, the beat is, still to this day, one of the cheesiest and most annoying beats I’ve ever heard in my life. Which means that it’s also incredibly catchy. (See also: “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney)

AND, it kind of makes me want to stand out in the snow and make out with someone. Which means that it brings out the incredibly sophisticated Amber that we all know and love. Also, I know that, just by saying this aloud, it will probably mean that it will never happen, so that means that I have to listen to the song over and over to imagine that it might happen. (See also: Slow dancing to “Strange Magic”)

Also, check out this video below. I DEFY YOU to tell me that you wouldn’t watch this video when you were 5 and not think that George Michael was straight. ANDREW looks more gay than him.

Come to think of it, when did Andrew not look more gay that Michael?! The guy took to wearing a top hat and a jacket with coat tails when he went solo. Michael took to wearing a motorcycle jacket and cowboy boots when he went solo. I WAS NOT A GENIUS IN THE WAYS OF THE WORLD WHEN I WAS 5, PEOPLE. I COULD ONLY GO ON WHAT MTV GAVE ME.

Written and posted December 20, 2010

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