Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.34.42 PMI’ve always been more of a real indoorsy type. It’s not that I don’t *like* nature, it’s just…it’s never really been my thing, you know? Let me explain – I love sunshine and rain and forests and beaches and I’ll take coffee and a walk around the lake over a beer in a dark bar any day, but I’m not gonna build a leaf collection and I’m not going to go looking for bugs and if you even suggest that we go winter camping together I’ll probably dump you on the spot.

But when 2016 rolled around, I had some goals. And one of them was to take more walks while listening to podcasts. Not because your dumb #GetOutside #GoExplore hashtags were inspiring (like, seriously, people who tweet “It’s sunny and beautiful today! Get outside NOW!” drive me CRAZY. You’re not my mom! Stop telling me what to do! I don’t have to go outside IF I DON’T WANT TO), but because more and more I’m learning how important it is to build small daily joys into your life (which is something that I don’t realize I’m purposefully robbing myself of until I’m cranky and miserable and wondering why). And I feel like the outside thing has been coming up a lot in these past couple months, but in ways that are trippy and sort of spiritual and I feel like maybe you’d want to be a 4th Level Meditation Wizard Master (that’s cool, right, if I compare meditation stuff to Dungeons & Dragons?) before you’d even want to hear about it.

So anyway.

Every day, no matter what the weather, I try to go outside and move around and find some appreciation for being on this planet. Most of the time that means listening to hot soulful babes like Danielle LaPorte riff about shiz on podcasts like The School of Greatness (seriously digging on that podcast right now) while I walk around and take photos that I can later post on Instagram as a way to brag about the fact that I took a walk that day, but sometimes it means just taking two steps outside with my morning coffee in hand and having a lil’ bit of gratitude that we humans haven’t totally fucked the environment all the way in the ass yet.

You know. Beautiful, stirring, soulful stuff like that.

And it’s been good. It’s been *great*.

But I’m still not going to go winter camping with you.


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