New + Full Moon Gatherings

Last night:


• Brownies made with Peppermint Essential Oil (so good!)

• A super casual class about mind-blowing oils + talking about All The Patchouli Feels

• A gorgeous guided meditation by Gabrielle Bernstein (get yours here)

• Materializing the future through vision boards

• Personalities + relationships illuminated by The Secret Language of Relationships

• More mind-blowing tarot card readings by Kari

• (As always) Wine + the best kind of girl talk


It’s kind of a dorky story.

(But I literally just realized that absolutely everything great in my life has started out that way, so.)

It was an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I dig Dina Manzo, as I dig most soulful chicks with style. Seeing the AstroTwins, Ophi and Tali Edut, show up on the episode was like seeing a pair of old friends show up a new friend’s party. On a whim, I Google’d Dina Manzo’s website, and found this:

When I first started listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s first living room lectures on A Course in Miracles or reading about Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions, I would think about how rad it would be to gather a local group of chicks together to explore and learn about All The Cosmic Things…meditation, manifesting, astrology, intuition, etc. Yet it was always just A Great Idea…something that stayed in the back of my mind, waiting to be shaped solidly into a plan.

Yet something about the above video clicked. Running on a lot of instinct and intuition, I asked two amazing women, Kari and Danielle, to help me, and then got to plannin’.

You know what makes planning fun? Freestyling your invite list by letting names float into your brain, writing them down, and doing a stomp performance on pre-judgement. ‘Cause you never know who might be, at that very moment, in the midst of being led to something like this.

Then you make it personal: As in, fuck Facebook Events (did you guys know that most people take “please RSVP” as a mere suggestion? And that Facebook is the absolute WORST place to try and plan an event? And that the “Maybe” reply is total, total bullshit?). Instead, I sent everyone on that list a text, explaining my idea and asking if they would like to come to something like this. Some said no, which was surprisingly YAY – so much energy saved on both sides. Most said yes (and of course, the most enthusiastic ones were the chicks I ordinarily would have assumed wouldn’t be into this stuff).

The gathering itself was Hygge in full effect. To me, The Bigs are a roaring fire in the fireplace (fed by a LOT of paper and wood, because I am the worst at starting fires), lit candles strewn around the room, wine in glasses, silver note cards to make affirmations extra illuminating, and cool chicks sitting cross-legged on the carpet. For our first gathering, we talked about meditation and setting intentions (New Moons are like cosmic New Years in that they represent fresh starts and beginning; whereas Full Moons represent turning points, manifestations, and closure). For our second gathering, we harnessed the power of the Super Moon by doing a guided meditation on vision and then learning about + making vision boards.

Legend holds that there’s a lot of epic power in women gathering together under the new and full moons. Take the way you feel after a really great yoga session or a deep massage and multiply it by a thousand, and that’s how it feels to be in attendance at one of these things. Today I’m working on a field trip to the Salt Caves, a private yoga + oils class, a beach bonfire for the full moon in May…there’s a lot of radicalness in store.

On the night of our first gathering, there was a lots and lots of talk about how so many of us had longed for something like this. When things feel right, you know it. It’s a deep and abiding calm, a instinctual sense that the universe is opening up for you. A coming together…seemingly random pieces (or people) slowly gliding toward each other to form one perfect, gorgeous whole.

(Sort of like a Majestical Wolficorn. It doesn’t seem to make sense at first, but then you see it and cross-breeding a majestic unicorn and a mystical wolf suddenly seems like the most obvious thing in the world.

Well, maybe to me, anyway.

And this guy, who came up with it)


If you’re local to Minneapolis/St. Paul and would like to join our gathering, send me a note via the Very Damn Essential Facebook Page and we’ll get you hooked in with upcoming dates!

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