Making Good Choices With Amber L. Carter, Ep. 10: Eric Fairchild!


11227582_853343828071346_1406976503513795540_nAbout nine years ago, back when I had moved to Minneapolis for the first time and when MySpace was still a thing, I ran across the MySpace profile of an alternative-looking dude named Eric who played in a band. I can’t remember what led me to his profile, but it was one of those very first moments when I realized that, if I wanted to get to know this guy, I couldn’t just sit back and hope that he would come to me (mostly because we had nothing in common that would actually cause him to run across my profile). So for the first time in my entire life, I Cold Called a guy by sending Eric a message that went something like, “Hey! We don’t know each other, but I thought your profile was cool and…”

We met up, started hanging out, and about a month or two later – in an episode of total-freaking-weirdness – on the same night I met my now-best-friends Chelsea, Matt, and Karah for the first time face-to-face, I also discovered that Eric had grown up with Matt and had been in Chels and Matt’s wedding. It was like a blip in the matrix, this thing where you suddenly realize that you’re right where you’re meant to be and meeting the exact people you’re meant to meet.

Since then, Eric’s become the kind of pal whom I consider a challenger…we haven’t always gotten along, mostly because he refuses the worship the ground I walk on and agree with everything I have to say (and vice versa) but I’m grateful for the kind of pushing and stretching that has come from our conversations, disagreements, and general friendship-ebb-and-flow. I was psyched to have Eric on Making Good Choices because he’s the kind of person who’s super observational (about others + himself) and tends to sift out some surprising – and hilarious – truths from the general existence of life, work, and relationships. We’ve been pals for nine years now, but when we sat down to record, we hadn’t seen in each other in at least three years. Instead of that awkward “So…how are you?” small-talk, though, the hang-out-hiatus made for some really great conversational catch-up.

So my friends, I give you one of my favorite episodes of Making Good Choices thus far, Episode 10:

Making Good Choices With Amber L. Carter, Episode 10:

Eric Fairchild – musician, DJ, and Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavor Creator – comes on the podcast to talk about going solo with his new EP, the Trials & Triumphs of Wedding DJ’ing, touring with Brett Michaels, and the cost of playing it safe in relationships.

Listen now: Making Good Choices 10: Eric Fairchild!

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