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A few years ago, I collaborated with my nerd pal Jeremy on creating a series of “Meditations For Villains” – we wanted them to be fun and camp, and I REALLY wanted the majority of them to feature Jareth, David Bowie’s character in the movie “Labyrinth.”

His character in that movie had lit my imagination on fire (and not just because of the black leather pants)…the idea of a charismatic, mesmerizing villain, whom you were tempted to give in to but couldn’t…it was kind of breathtaking, to be honest. And it got me writing reams and reams of stories when I was a girl…about magical worlds and creepy castles and seductive evil and strong girls with deep hearts who outsmart them all. I cannot put to words, how crucial this moment in my life was…for this dreamy, weird-o girl who didn’t seem to fit in anywhere, who quietly and privately knew she had thoughts and feeling and curiosities that were not necessarily “normal” for her age, this tantalizing peek into a mesmerizing world of no bounds helped me funnel what could have otherwise been dangerous boredom and excess mental energy.

And when it comes down to it, that’s who Bowie was to me: Pure magic. He ignited our imaginations and helped us create entire new worlds for ourselves. I’m not really the type to get super sad about the death of a celebrity – though Joan Rivers was a hard one, and Robin Williams made me weepy – but this one…I’m still not 100% convinced that he wasn’t an alien, but man oh man.

David Bowie, you are unrepeatable. There is – and always will be – a magic about you that is all your own.

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