Fresh To Death: A Lil’ Spring Cleanin’ For Your Heart + Mind

Fresh To Death: A Lil' Spring Cleanin' For Your Heart + Mind |

Last night I gathered with a crew of super hot chicks for a Sex, Sleep, & Emotions Class, which then flowed into a Moon Gathering. Twas the Full Moon in Pisces, which is a perfect time for releasing and resetting. We talked a lot about how, around this time, a lot of us get jazzed to throw down some hard-core spring cleaning action onto our living spaces, but often neglect to do the same for our psyches.

Our hearts and minds are a lot like our closets. Crap accumulates. Stuff gets heavy. And every once in a while, you gotta get in there and do a deep clean. Air that shit out. Toss out the stuff that doesn’t work anymore – like the thing you bought with the best of intentions, promising yourself that it would fit sooner than later, but in the end, it never did (dudes, we’ve all been there). Get that space prepped and primed for the lighter, more colorful stuff that you want to bring in.

In spiritual + nerd speak, you Level Up in life by busting through the blocks and smashing through the walls that are holding you back from your highest self. And we all have those things: Lame relationships that we can’t seem to let go of, memories or mistakes that we use to hate on ourselves with, gross interactions or missteps that haunt us still. The Full Moon in Pisces is the perfect time to finally let that gross shiz go (when the Pisces fish is done with something, it simply swims away from it, never to return). How? By laying some heavy-ass forgiveness on the thing that’s been following you around like the ghosts from Pac-Man.

And then you release it. Fucking let that shiz go.

To help, spark up some self-love by rubbing a little Bergamot essential oil onto your heart space; next, ignite your vision and heart-mind connection by dabbing a bit of Frankincense onto your third eye; then, release old patterns and the feeling of being stuck by smoothing some White Fir onto the bottoms of your feet. If it helps, write a letter to the thing you most want to let go of. Let yourself float into a stream of consciousness – sometimes it’s crazy, the stuff that comes up for you when you just stop censoring, editing, and monitoring yourself and let your brain speak to you for once (hello, dreams). Finally, get quiet, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let your mind usher into your consciousness the things, people, and experiences that no longer serve you (a guided Releasing or Forgiving meditation by Gabrielle Bernstein will do the heavy lifting for you). Recognize the place those things once had in your life, accept it for what it once was, forgive it for what it has become, and then release it. Wash it all with golden light, and imagine yourself smashing the thing into a thousand pieces (I literally imagine the Super Smash visual and sound effects from old video games…it’s surprisingly gratifying) or tossing it into the ether.

Then take that letter and delete it. Or print it out and burn it.

It’s over.

You are motherfucking done with that shiz. 

And BAM – you’ve just made space for some rad new stuff come into your life. Nature abhors a vacuum, and probably the most valuable and infallible rule of the universe is that, when you delete gross stuff from your heart + mind, you’re sending a message to the Cloud that you now have space on your hard drive for some stellar new tracks. You can either get really deep with that principle, or keep it stupidly simple. Either way? Get into it. It’s fucking spring, y’all.

Time to make your life fresh to death.

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