Erastus THIS

Guys, this week/month I’m in the throes of doing one side of my family’s genealogy research, and last night I found out:

My 3rd Great-Grandfather’s name was Robinson Swick, which is basically all I need to know.

But! We also have the names Erastus Swick, Knute Leifson Strand, and two lady Lavinias in our direct line of ancestors, so basically we’re the fucking BOMB when it comes to baby names.

Also, that Knute Lefison Strand kid literally came over from Norway and settled right in Goodhue County, MN (Red Wing, Goodhue, Zumbrota, etc), where he had a billion kids who also stayed in Goodhue County and had a billion kids of their own, and Goodhue County just happens to be where I did most of my growing up (but not where I was born – we moved to that area from MN’s Red River Valley area when I was 4 or 5) and so now I’m pretty sure that one of the kids I had a major crush on AND one of the kids I totally made out with in high school are actually not-too-distant relatives of mine!

We have a direct ancestor who’s been verified as a member of the Sons of the Revolution (one of our distant cousins/relatives applied for and attained membership for the ancestor/family and even submitted a DNA sample for some other stuff and it’s apparently a really big deal). Based on my research, though, pretty sure his parents were all for the England side.

Pretty pretty pretty pretty sure.

My great-uncle’s wife left him* for their hot Norwegian WW1 soldier lodger/farmhand whose name was: Tolaf. STOLE.

Oh farmboy!

Oh farmboy!

Please look for my books THE EPIC ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON SWICK and WHAT TOLAF STOLE, coming to a bookstore near you in Fall of 2018.

One of them will be a work of erotic fiction.

Maybe both.

Probably both.


* How I learned this: In 1930, my great uncle and his wife are listed on a Census record at their then-current residence, along with their lodger/farmhand, Tolaf. Looking at their list of ages via that census, I literally thought to myself, “Huh. I wonder if anything ever happened between the wife and Tolaf.” Then, SURE ENOUGH, the next click brought me to a document that listed the name of Tolaf’s wife when he died, AND GUESS WHO THAT WAS. 
Farmhands, man. They were basically the original pool boys. 

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