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At barely twenty-one, Aden Callen has faced down more plot twists in her life than a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. 

Estranged from her parents, teenage tragedy spit the quiet but fiercely independent Aden out into the anti-rebellion of life as a bible camp counselor. It’s a life she (finally) loves…even if she had to give up her family to get it. But when bad news from home invades that idyllic existence, the revelations it carries forces the prodigal daughter to leave God and return to a family she no longer knows. 

Joining her parents in their new sleepy hometown of Holden, Aden has only two goals: Make her amends, then put the lonely north in the rearview. So when she takes a job working the night shift at the local 24-hour Holiday, she’s not there to make friends (and she’s definitely not there to stay). But in the fishbowl of the gas station’s glass walls, Aden’s careful anonymity vanishes as she becomes the sole object of attention for Holden’s young, restless, and bored. 

Because after all: Holden doesn’t give you much.
So when it gives them a new girl like Aden?
It changes things.
For everyone.
And in ways none of them could ever have imagined. 

A visceral tale of love, loss, and finding yourself where you least expect to, Amber L. Carter’s whirlwind debut novel invites you to The Middle of Nowhere…and doesn’t let you leave.

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