BEING THE KIND of kid who counted music, movies, and books as her closest friends (mainly because I didn’t actually have any real friends…but that’s another book for another time!), I had two dreams in life:
1) Write a book
2) Choose songs for major motion picture soundtracks.

So when I sat down to write this novel, I decided to combine the two.

Each chapter in The Middle of Nowhere features a playlist. These playlists are meant to serve as the story’s soundtrack, and each one has been specifically created to give you, dear reader, an extra window into the mind of certain characters. Please think of these playlists as the character’s own mixed tape (or CD, or MP3 playlist, depending on which generation you hail from).

While I initially tried to pull a Wizard of Oz + Dark Side of The Moon hat trick (kids, ask your parents if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Also, maybe don’t read this book yet), I realize that not everyone has the same reading speed, so. If you have a lot of time on your hands, go ahead and try it for at least the first three chapters. It’s fun. I promise.

(Okay, I don’t promise. This is probably a good time to remember that bit about not having any friends as a kid)

Most of the tracks featured in the book are included (in the order of which they appear in the book) in the Spotify playlist below. Some tracks that are not available on Spotify can be found on The Middle of Nowhere playlist on Soundcloud, and the tracks that couldn’t be found on either listening service are featured in the YouTube videos below.

I hope these playlists enhance your reading experience and provide an extra avenue through which to fully immerse yourself into the world that is The Middle of Nowhere. Please use the below tracks + videos as a preview of the music featured in the book; if you love a particular song, please support the artist by purchasing their music on Amazon or iTunes. And, when you purchase a song on Amazon via this link, you also help support my writing through affiliate funding!


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