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And so I walked out to my mailbox this morning with the vague restlessness of someone scared she’s being watched, and opened it to find an envelope addressed to me, from an address I didn’t recognize. It was Amber’s book, bought so long ago I had forgotten all about it.

And as I sat down to read, not knowing how many of its pages would be about death and guilt, and leaving and staying, always leaving and staying, I found myself crying because I so desperately wished for a friend who understood exactly what that meant, someone for whom sadness was and is more than a fleeting thought, who can understand why licking honey off the back of a spoon, or finding old post it notes, can be just as devastating as anything you might read in the news.

I started this book at 10:30am and finished it at 1:30pm. And even as I thought to myself that it probably wasn’t the best book for today, even as I felt its effects seeping into text message replies and facebook posts, I was despairingly grateful for its lumbering presence. For its sadness and its longing and its loss.

Because there are certain things you should know. And some you never will.

– Reading :: Andrea of párjaros y muñecas



“So maybe it’s the stakes. If you kiss me in the snow, I will always wait for you to call first. If you trek out alone into the rugged wilderness to avenge your honor, I am coming in after you.” 

The companion book to ALL THE THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW, CERTAIN THINGS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW is the dreamy, hopeful light to the dark of heartbreak and loss. With the glittering city of Minneapolis and the quiet woods of Wisconsin alternating as a backdrop, CERTAIN THINGS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW chronicles what we wish those who made their way into our hearts could have known…and what we need to know for ourselves after they’ve made their way out again. 

Written with a wry humor and quiet vulnerability, Amber L. Carter’s keen and unflinching observations of the human heart make each piece both intensely absorbing and startlingly familiar.

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