stream of consciousness, as had when analyzing data at work on a weekday afternoon

SO YOU’RE AT work doing some stuff and you’re listening to your iPod and you’re thinking about the date you’re going on that night and ‘Crazy In Love’ by Beyoncé comes on and you find yourself thinking about the parents of some of your clients and you wonder if they listen to this song and like it or if it reminds them of all the things they gave up. Do they even listen to music anymore? I mean, isn’t there a point when you’re married and you have kids and you’re not really going out to clubs or bars anymore or doing the whole “I went on a date with this guy and he better call me because I’MNA DO HIM!”, so does the song even really get you excited for life if it doesn’t actually apply to your life anymore? And do you want that. Going on dates is one thing, but what about when things get serious in that scary sense where you don’t even go out anymore, you just come home on a Friday night after work and put on your pajamas and eat Chipotle on the couch while you watch action flicks and sometimes it’s nice because at least you probably get to have sex later but mostly it just makes you sigh because while you were dating and hoping it might become serious you didn’t plan on it becoming seriously stale. And then you get married and then you have kids and then it’s about picking up your kids from daycare and do you really want to do that with your life? Do you really need or want to get to that point where you wake up to find a ring on your finger and then you do the whole wedding business and then you have to figure out who’s going to do the dishes this time and then maybe you have some kids and GOD that just sounds so BORING right now and you can’t think of anything else you would rather NOT do than that whole mortgage-and-marriage existence. So you’re pretty happy with just a date, you realize. One night with someone you don’t really know, and you don’t really know what you’re going to do on said date with them but what you do know about them is enough right now to know that whatever it is it’ll probably be great, and you’re pretty sure he’s going to kiss you at the end of it which is actually really exciting to think about even though you’ve been kissed enough times in your life that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal but with him it totally is and maybe this is it. Maybe either this is exactly where you want to be, nowhere else, and so you don’t have to worry or think about the future or what might happen. Or maybe this is it in the fact that going on dates with just anyone can be boring and exhausting and empty, but once in a great while you run across a person who somehow makes it feel different – it’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s actually exciting. And maybe that’s why people do get married and have kids…maybe they found that person who makes ‘Crazy In Love’ still fun and exciting to listen to, even when you’re listening to it on the way to pick up your kids from daycare.

– “stream of consciousness, as had when analyzing data at work on a weekday afternoon” featured in certain things you ought to know



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