I HAVE THESE really small moments where I love everyone and everything, and I kind of feel a little like Drew Barrymore: The younger, crazy, kookie Drew who would shake her short curly blond hair around, hug herself, and gush, “I love everyone soooooo MUCH!”…and even though you knew she was kind of coo-coo-bananas it was also kind of endearing, too?

Yeah, like that.

And today, even though all of my best friends have abandoned me for sight-seeing trips around the country and my hips hurt so badly that I can hardly walk, I felt it again. It was just this perfect moment where the sun was shining through the windows, a new Teagan and Sara song was playing, coffee was hot, and there were new Overheard In Minneapolis posts in my Google Reader. Nothing too tremendous about any one of those things. A rather sloppy Gestalten moment, but one that prompts me to kind of kick my foot to a small beat, shrug my shoulders in my best impression of blissful shoulder shrugging, and think about how happy I am. What a great place my life has come to, with all the people whom I never thought about before I met them but now could not possibly imagine my days without them being present, and my throat just kind of swells with this achy sense of happiness and contentment.

I love everyone and everything so much.

– “gestalten” featured in certain things you ought to know



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