{The Black-Eyed Kids} Prologue

They surrounded us. Their corp slowly fanning out in the darkness, they hid in the depths of the dark night. I could only tell they were there because I could feel them. That same dull, familiar ache at the top of my head as my eyes and mind grew more and more drowsy…the sheer effort of staying awake was almost more than I could bear. It would be so easy, right now, to just close my eyes and let my mind sink in to that soft pillow of darknessthe cool lovely dark, where everything was easy, where I wouldn’t have to think, or feel, could just…

STOP. I snapped back to attention. Stay alert. Sucking in the cold air in between my teeth, I felt fissures of energy snaking through my body. Steele your mind. I concentrated on the delicate work of sensing their energy just enough to hone in on where they were while also keeping my mind guarded enough so they couldn’t snake their way in.

They began to creep toward us. Hearing the crinkle of dry field grass, Jack and Sebastian instinctively edged out in front of Binks and I.

“They’re not coming for you guys,” I breathed. “They’re only coming for me.”

“No,” Jack replied, staring out into the black shadows. “If they’re coming for you, then they’re coming for all of us.”


–> 1: The Emancipation of Adora Alexander Hawthorne



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