Bachelor Monday Link Buffet: Week 8!

What’s up, Bachelor babes!

Check out the Live Tweets Edition from last week’s episode in case you missed it and last week’s recap if you need a lil’ refresher before tonight’s episode.


1) Ben Higgins’ Bachelor Blog: ‘Sometimes Watching This Back I Just Cringe’ |


2) Here To Make Friends Podcast: ‘Bachelor S20e7 with Nick Viall, J.J. Lane, and Chris Harrison
This week on the Here To Make Friends podcast, all of my Bachelor dreams came true with an interview with Chris Harrison and ALSO an interview with buddies Nick Viall and JJ Lane. Favorite moments: First JJ Lane mentioned that he only wanted to date girls who hadn’t watched the show (JJ, why are you trying to push away our love? Just let it wash over you! Like a sexy rainfall!) and THEN Nick talked about his “real” job, which is male modeling, which made me remember that a producer friend had sent me some shots from his portfolio not long after Kaitlyn’s season. (You can check out the photos at the end of the recap)

3) ‘Bachelor’ Date Auction: Jared Haibon Bids on Ashley Iaconetti! (PHOTOS) |
As referenced in the above podcast, some Bachelor dudes and babes did a lil’ auction for charity.

4) Chuck Chats: The Bachelor’s Jade & Tanner

5) Did Any ‘Bachelor’ Stars Hook Up At Jade & Tanner’s Wedding? The Single People Were Ready To Mingle
Did anyone hook up? Who knows?? Certainly not the author of this article on Bustle!


These pieces are starting to get click-baity, and it’s starting to piss me off.

6) I’m About To Start A Rumor That Andi Dorfman And Chris Harrison Are Dating Based Off These Two Photos
See, at least this Buzzfeed article acknowledges that they don’t know anything. Take a page from their book, Bustle!

7) Nobody’s Perfect: What to Do When You’Ve Fallen for a Jerk but You Want to Make It Work


Helene and Gwen met on the set of the national TV show “The Bachelor,” and half the nation fell in love with them as they charmed a man who didn’t know how good he had it. The two women, both professional counselors, forged a strong friendship that made the whole humiliating experience worthwhile. This sassy and irreverent guide offers true stories and useful tips to help you deal with every clueless type of man, from Mr. Separated But Not Yet Divorced to Mr. Mama’s Boy, from Mr. Socks With Sandals to Mr. Eternal Frat Brother. PLUS, there’s lots of sex advice, a quiz, and a celebrity couple analysis. Let’s face it, we love the jerks in spite of ourselves. All men have baggage. After reading this delightful book, you can put their baggage to work for you!

Helene Eksterowicz and Gwen Gioia were contestants from Aaron Burge’s season (Helene actually “won” the season and was later unceremoniously dumped by Aaron at a Starbucks) wrote this book, which now a bargain on Amazon. I’m totally getting a copy, because I cannot TELL you how many times I’ve had to deal with Mr. Socks With Sandals! 

8) The Bachelor at 20: Who Will Be The Next Bachelorette? 

Andi, those new bangs are blinding you from having good judgement about Caila.

And, you know, just blinding you.

Also, Andrew Firestone and Jason Mesnick, I’ve never loved you more than in this video.

9) ‘The Bachelor’ final 4: What you need to know about the women vying for Ben |

10) Last Week’s The Bachelor Emoji Recap | Jimmy Kimmel

11) We Chatted With Your Favorite ‘Bachelor’ Contestants — Here Are Their Most Memorable Moments From The Show | Rant Hollywood 

12) Blast From The Past: Andi Dorfman Breaks Down Over Josh Murray: He ‘Was My First True Love’


Alright! That’s it for Bachelor linx this week! I’ll be out with the recap Tuesday or Wednesday (Thursday if things get crazy), so check back for that…OR you can follow me on Twitter, keep up wit’ my Facebook Page, or subscribe to my once-a-week email newsletter instead of hoofing it over here every other day to see what’s up. I’ll be creepin’ on all your live tweets tonight via my Bachelor Master List, which you can also follow. 

Until then, bachelor babes, keep it 100 on the hot tubs, bikinis, and wine-soaked tears!

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